«Ваша задача не полягає лиш в тім, щоб діти навчити читати, писати, рахунків. Ви маєте ті діти і виховати, виробити їх характер, навчити Божий закон заховувати, родичів слухати і поважати, маєте поставити основи моральности під їх будуче життя».



Номер товару: AD218
Ціна за прейскурантом: 35,00 грн.
Ціна для Вас: 30,00 грн.
Ви заощаджуєте: 5,00 грн. (14%)

Having these priorities, the question naturally arises: "How can these priorities be realized in my parish and how do we engage the laity to a more vibrant participation in the mission of the parish?" This is the question we hope to presently address. Concretely, we wish to assist you in a very important process called Pastoral Planning.

For some of you this is not a new concept but a familiar reality. Others, possibly, are hearing the term for the first time, but have already participated in its reality to a greater or lesser degree. Again, the hope and task of our Working Group is to support you in your pastoral ministry, so that each parish "may strengthen and improve on that which is good, honest and praiseworthy, as well as develop those aspects of church life, which for whatever reason have not yet been put into practice"